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Tips for Making Disney Memories

by Beth Blancher, MA


When you return home from you Disney vacation the photos of your children, nephews, or nieces are often some of the cutest, most memorable photos you will ever take. The best photos of your kids stay with you forever, and get more fun to look at with each passing year. Too often we take a trip and get so involved with the fun and excitement we forget to stop to take a picture. Here are some great tips for posing and photographing your children. Also, keep this in mind: just keep clicking! Shoot hundreds of photos if you can especially candid and after-the-pose shots

Get Ready

Before you start taking any photos, consider the parks or attractions you will be visiting and where you want to take the photos. Choose clothes that will stand out in the location, but won't clash too much. For example, if you are headed to Animal Kingdom do not put the kids in green clothes if you are hoping for that perfect picture with the tree of life. Also, think about what else you want to include, like favorite characters, props,  toys, or anything else. If you plan to take photos outside, check the weather forecast a few days in advance, and adjust your plan if needed. The more you get done before the shoot, the more time you will have during the shoot just to take photos and have fun


Make it Fun


It’s difficult to take time from family fun and Disney attractions to stop for a photo shoot.  So, make it fun and exciting for them! Kids are usually happy and all smiles when they are doing something they love. Bring some toys, balloons or attraction features, make up games to play during the shoot, and show them some photos of other kids beforehand to give them an idea of what you are doing together. If your daughter likes wearing your hat or sunglasses, let her do that, and capture it during the shoot. Follow your toddler around as he explores a park. Don’t forget to pull out the camera during snack time. What’s more memorable than a child enjoying their first Mickey bar.



Don't Say, "Smile!"

You'll no doubt want photos of your child smiling; but, if your child does not smile on demand try some other approaches. You have the standard joke, or do something silly. Make funny noises, or ask them to tell you a funny story. Of course, there is also the classic, "say cheese!" While at Disney you have so other opportunities to capture a great smile. Hugging a favorite character which can be stuffed if they are shy or pretending there is a character in your hand and later you can photoshop their favorite character. The possibilities are endless and every visit you can repeat the same pose for a great scrapbook tradition.



Try Several Angles

Add variety to your shoot. If you are moving around a lot to get different angles and perspectives, it will keep your child’s attention longer; but you can leave them enjoy the moment as well. Try some close ups of candid facial expressions, some full body shots, some shots looking down over them, and some shots looking up at them. Take both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) photos, as well as diagonal photos. Take some from the back, so you can't see the child's face.


Get Involved

Just because it's a kids photo shoot does not mean you can't be in some of the photos. Use the self-timer feature on your camera and pose or play with your kids in the photos for some great candid shots. Stage a funny photo, like your child holding a Mickey bar and you asking for a bite. Some of the best parent-child photos don't even have people looking at the camera like walking down Main Street hand and hand with your back to the camera.



Give and Take

If you find that your children are not taking your posing guidance very well, change your approach. Rather than trying to tell them what to do, make it a game. Ask them to do your pose first and then they can make up a pose.  Children can come up with some of the greatest poses and you will have lots of laughs together.






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